VHF Data options
Messaging and data transfer software - P/N 2080-01-09
Enables transmission of data between PRC-2080 VHF transceivers.

- Serial data cable
- USB to serial adaptor
Cloning cable - P/N 2080-04-04
Allows cloning of channel settings between PRC -2080’s. 2080-04-04
Serial data cable - P/N 2080-04-03
Serial data cable 2080-04-03
PRC-2080 Bench test / programming unit - P/N 2080-60-15
Bench mount unit used with programming software to program and test RF power output of PRC-2080. 2080-60-15
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Tactical operations rely on HF radio to provide secure and highly reliable communications over long distances in demanding applications and environments.

Barrett HF radio is secure, autonomous and resistant to jamming than other communications mediums. Configurable as a manpack, mobile vehicle or fixed base station all Barrett HF systems use the same keypads and front panel, specifically designed for users who do not have, or need, a lot of training.
Low band VHF radio communications is specially designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications, communications where communication between operators is up to 5km.

Barrett VHF is configurable as a 5 W Hand portable radio, 25 W Manpack radio, 50 W Mobile, 50 W Base station and 50 W Re-broadcast system for range extension or for use in mountainous regions where typically VHF communications is restricted due to the terrain.
Barrett offers a range of interoperability solutions between radio and telephone networks, HF and VHF radio systems and options that are radio and crypto agnostic.

These solutions can enable users to re-commission legacy products with latest technologies or enable collaborative forces to communicate with little need for additional infrastructure.
Our turnkey network design team work with the client’s system requirements and produce an initial technical proposal which, once client approved, develops into the detailed technical document with system manuals and full installation programs.

Each turnkey solution is designed specifically for the client, with some solutions incorporating remote sited HF transmitters and receivers linked to landlines or microwave communications, operator consoles, custom built interfaces and MIL-STD HF data systems including 5066 stack based systems.