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PRC-2080+ Features
>> Communication modes The PRC-2080+ Tactical VHF radio system has multiple levels of encryption and frequency hopping security available. Analogue voice and digital unencrypted data are fitted as standard.

The following levels of encryption are available:-

- Analogue Voice - Fixed Frequency (AFF)
- Digital Unencrypted Data - Fixed Frequency
- Digital Encrypted Voice - Fixed Frequency (DEFF)
- Digital Encrypted Voice - Frequency Hopping (DEFH)**
- Digital Encrypted Voice - Free Channel Search    (DEFCS)
- Digital Encrypted Data - Fixed Frequency
- Digital Encrypted Data - Frequency Hopping**

** Requires an Australian Department of Defence Export    licence.

>> Simple to use For basic operation of the PRC-2080+, only the front panel controls are required. Field programming, advanced menu options, selective calling and group calling features are accessible via the PRC-2080's supplied advanced handset.

The PRC-2080+ is an ideal replacement to the PRC-77 and its variants, which are now obsolete and susceptible to interception and jamming.

>> Rugged design Users will appreciate the PRC-2080+ transceiver's solid construction, simplicity and accessibility. Maintenance is quick and simple with only three internal modules which can be exchanged without any special tools. All inter-module connectors are gold plated and there are no wiring looms or complex back plane assemblies.

In designing the PRC-2080+, emphasis has been placed on ensuring low cost of ownership over a long service life. The transceivers software defined architecture ensures compatibility with legacy, current and future communication systems.

>> Modular construction The PRC-2080+'s main circuitry is contained in three modules – the radio frequency (RF), digital signal processor (DSP) and power amplifier (PA) modules. A very high level of integration is used to minimise component count and to increase reliability.

The embedded software is controlled by the DSP module, which uses a low current, high speed DSP core engine. Speech coding and all frequency hopping and encryption functions are processed by the DSP under the control of a hostmicroprocessor.

The RF module contains a high dynamic range front end with DDS (Direct Digital Synthesiser) system which achieves fast frequency switching times whilst maintaining low current consumption.

The PRC-2080+'s RF design takes into account the hostile electromagnetic environment and achieves excellent ECM resistance and co-siting performance. The PRC-2080+'s RF, DSP and software design make it one of the most cost effective, secure, high performance VHF transceiver's available in the tactical military market today.

PRC-2080+ Product info
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PRC-2080+ Tactical VHF radio system PRC-2080 VHF Transceiver The PRC-2080+ low band VHF transceiver is designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications. It is an extremely compact and lightweight unit which is simple to operate in demanding mission critical conditions. The PRC-2080+ is part of the family of Barrett transceivers that are field proven in over 150 countries, on every continent and in all environments.

The PRC-2080+ Tactical VHF radio system is a military grade portable communication transceiver specifically designed for tactical applications.
It is designed to withstand complete immersion, vibration, drop and temperature extremes to MIL-STD 810G.

PRC-2080 5W PRC-2080+ - 5 W VHF Hand Portable package
In stand-alone configuration, the PRC-2080+ is ideal for squad level communication requirements. Using either the supplied advanced handset or optional tactical headset, the PRC-2080+ transceiver can communicate reliably up to 8 km in open space (subject to terrain and topography), using the standard tape whip antenna.
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PRC-2081 25W PRC-2081+ - 25 W VHF Manpack package
The PRC-2081+ 25 Watt Manpack upgrades the PRC-2080+ transceiver with increased power and communication range. The PRC-2081+ is a military grade manpack communication set specifically designed for tactical applications and designed to withstand complete immersion, vibration, drop and temperature extremes to MIL-STD 810G.

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PRC-2082 PRC-2082+ - 50 W VHF Mobile package
The PRC-2082+ Mobile package provides a convenient docking station for the PRC-2080+ transceiver as well as the flexibility for dismounted use when not in the vehicle (additional accessories are required to use the PRC-2080+ as a Hand Portable). The 50 W VHF amplifier provides range extension and increased link reliability when connected to the external vehicle whip antenna system.

The PRC-2082+ can be installed in a range of vehicles including jeeps, patrol boats, APC's, and tanks. The PRC-2082+ is ready for connection to combat net radio systems incorporating intercom harnesses. The overall size of the system makes it one of the smallest VHF platforms available making it particularly suited to vehicles where space is limited.

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PRC-2084 PRC-2084+ - 50 W VHF Base package
The Barrett PRC-2084+ VHF Base Package, provides a convenient docking station with power amplification to 50 W, as well as the flexibility of dismounted communications when removed from the docking station (additional accessories are required to use the PRC-2080+ as a Hand Portable).

The VHF Base Package can be installed in a number of temporary base and fixed command configurations and operated from a variety of AC and DC power sources.

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PRC-2083 PRC-2083+ - 50 W VHF Re-broadcast System
The Barrett PRC-2083+ Re-broadcast system is typically used to link two low band VHF networks providing extended range to overcome communication difficulties due to distance or terrain. The two networks can use different security options (frequency hopping and encryption) providing a field deployable interoperability solution.

The re-broadcast system utilizes two PRC-2084+ 50 Watt systems and incorporates a nine band co-location filter assembly and AC/DC power supply with battery backup facilities all housed in a MIL-SPEC ruggedised transportable case allowing for easy deployment in any field environment.

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Tactical operations rely on HF radio to provide secure and highly reliable communications over long distances in demanding applications and environments.

Barrett HF radio is secure, autonomous and resistant to jamming than other communications mediums. Configurable as a manpack, mobile vehicle or fixed base station all Barrett HF systems use the same keypads and front panel, specifically designed for users who do not have, or need, a lot of training.
Low band VHF radio communications is specially designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications, communications where communication between operators is up to 5km.

Barrett VHF is configurable as a 5 W Hand portable radio, 25 W Manpack radio, 50 W Mobile, 50 W Base station and 50 W Re-broadcast system for range extension or for use in mountainous regions where typically VHF communications is restricted due to the terrain.
Barrett offers a range of interoperability solutions between radio and telephone networks, HF and VHF radio systems and options that are radio and crypto agnostic.

These solutions can enable users to re-commission legacy products with latest technologies or enable collaborative forces to communicate with little need for additional infrastructure.
Our turnkey network design team work with the client’s system requirements and produce an initial technical proposal which, once client approved, develops into the detailed technical document with system manuals and full installation programs.

Each turnkey solution is designed specifically for the client, with some solutions incorporating remote sited HF transmitters and receivers linked to landlines or microwave communications, operator consoles, custom built interfaces and MIL-STD HF data systems including 5066 stack based systems.