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PRC-2064 Features
>> Pervasive Voice Communications The Barrett TVB links radio systems irrespective of band, protocol, talk-group or encryption. Supported by its unique aids to security, management is reduced to a procedural issue.

The TVB is designed to simplify linking different proprietary radio systems effectively against the common trend of solutions becoming more complicated and requiring management overhead. Connect the 2 radios into the TVB unit and talk straight through.

>> Fit for Purpose The Barrett TVB’s design is a small and lightweight tactical communications unit, weighing 300g and meeting MIL-STD 810F for vibration, shock and immersion up to 2 metres. It can be operated with either battery or direct power, with average battery life between 50-60 hours of operational use.

Its size, rugged form factor and simplicity of use make it truly fit for purpose.

>> Barrett Tactical Networking Systems Barrett can provide larger multi-port devices for connecting more radios together seamlessly as well as the option to offer data capability.

The family of fully compatible complementary products ensures the widest possible advantages for tactical users. Simple field cable interfaces provide the facility to rapidly extend radio networks deep into areas of poor coverage or enable remote monitoring, and a full duplex intercom system.

Remotely configurable, the Barrett Tactical Voice Bridge is able to rapidly change from a simple interoperability solution into a covert vehicle intercom, a simplex repeater or a remote PA interface.”

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2063 Features
>> Interoperability between Barrett HF and Barrett VHF
     communication systems
>> Allows deployed troops to communicate directly with far
     distant command and control centres
>> Reduces delays in communicating time critical      information
PRC-2063 Product info
PRC-2064 Tactical voice bridge The Barrett Tactical Voice Bridge (TVB) enables interoperability between completely different radio networks, whether they be HF to HF, VHF to HF or other variations in the most simplistic way. Connect your Barrett tactical HF and/or VHF radios to other systems with ease.
Communication is established irrespective of band, waveform, encryption or protocol allowing tactical users to converge and fix normally disparate radio networks together irrespective of their brand.

The Barrett TVB can fix and fuse communications on an ad hoc basis without the need for complex centralised or backhaul links.
Linking commercial or tactical radios and all types of telephony, the Barrett TVB is a powerful enabler for rapid regrouping or combined coalition operations. The ability to connect a tactical HF radio to a VHF radio (or any other type of radio) and talk directly through overcomes an issue for many agencies with the need for converged, cooperative and secure systems.

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2063 HF-VHF Cross Gate The Barrett 2063 HF-VHF Cross Gate provides seamless transfer of information from a Barrett VHF network onto a Barrett HF network without operator interaction.

The fully automated switching reduces the time it takes to rebroadcast mission critical information. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of communication errors and allows commanders in strategic locations to talk to their deployed assets directly.

A typical field scenario would involve a mobile command vehicle receiving information from deployed troops over a VHF communications
system. If this information needs to be passed to a higher headquarters, it would be transmitted using the HF radio link. Any response back from the higher command to the deployed troops would then go through the same procedure in reverse.

The Barrett 2063 Cross Gate operates by establishing a transmit/receive path between HF and VHF networks connected at the Cross Gate station in the mobile command vehicle. When the Cross Gate is “Linked”, the Cross Gate relays all voice transmissions between the two networks.

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Tactical operations rely on HF radio to provide secure and highly reliable communications over long distances in demanding applications and environments.

Barrett HF radio is secure, autonomous and resistant to jamming than other communications mediums. Configurable as a manpack, mobile vehicle or fixed base station all Barrett HF systems use the same keypads and front panel, specifically designed for users who do not have, or need, a lot of training.
Low band VHF radio communications is specially designed for multi-role tactical military and security applications, communications where communication between operators is up to 5km.

Barrett VHF is configurable as a 5 W Hand portable radio, 25 W Manpack radio, 50 W Mobile, 50 W Base station and 50 W Re-broadcast system for range extension or for use in mountainous regions where typically VHF communications is restricted due to the terrain.
Barrett offers a range of interoperability solutions between radio and telephone networks, HF and VHF radio systems and options that are radio and crypto agnostic.

These solutions can enable users to re-commission legacy products with latest technologies or enable collaborative forces to communicate with little need for additional infrastructure.
Our turnkey network design team work with the client’s system requirements and produce an initial technical proposal which, once client approved, develops into the detailed technical document with system manuals and full installation programs.

Each turnkey solution is designed specifically for the client, with some solutions incorporating remote sited HF transmitters and receivers linked to landlines or microwave communications, operator consoles, custom built interfaces and MIL-STD HF data systems including 5066 stack based systems.