The Barrett 2076 remote control system is a range of unique equipment that enables a single operator to control remotely located transmit and receive stations. Combining the Barrett 2000 series range of communications equipment with the Barrett 2076.

The system can overcome typical headquarter challenges with environmental noise from busy urban environments, lack of real estate for antenna systems, headquarters not located in ideal radio communications locations and RF interference from high powered systems.

Configuration Samples


The 2076 turnkey remote control system can be operated by a single controller.

Barrett’s well know intuitive operator interface ensure that this system is very simple to operate. From the operator’s perspective a split site system appears as a single transceiver.

A wide range of telemetry options are available to suit the projects scope, and includes the ability to monitor or control devises at the remote site.
Eg. Antenna switching or fault indications.

Designed for the aviation industry, a summed transmit and receive audio output is available for voice recording at the control unit.

As with all Barrett systems, the Turnkey remote control system, can be specified with a range of security options including a voice scrambling, encryption and frequency hopping. All these security and encryption options are maintained throughout the entire system.

All transceivers in the system are identical and can be used in either transmit or receive mode which enables each transceiver to be used in a backup capability, by simply changing the mode settings.

The Control System and Remote System will fit into a 2U rack with a depth of 170mm each. Depending on system configuration and existing infrastructure these can be fitted into existing racks or racks can be supplied.