How can HF radio improve communications for critical infrastructure providers

How can HF radio improve communications for critical infrastructure providers?

Ensuring a reliable power, water or natural gas supply for consumers is a goal that requires stable communications for companies’ teams out in the field. However, this can be a challenge under a number of conditions.

Fortunately, HF radio for critical infrastructure companies offers a secure and cost-effective communications tool for addressing these issues. Let’s take a closer look at the challenges facing the industry, and how HF radio systems are an ideal solution.

Communication barriers for critical infrastructure providers

Critical infrastructure companies don’t always have the option of picking and choosing where they perform maintenance; they have to work where problems occur. Often these can be in remote areas not covered by traditional phone lines or mobile service. On the other hand, while some areas may be reachable through these methods under normal circumstances, inclement weather and natural disasters can knock them offline.

In such circumstances, HF radio is ideally suited for these types of companies. HF systems transmit signals that use the Earth’s atmosphere to reach both short- and long-distance destinations. Extremely versatile, HF radio can transmit voice, fax and data signals, ensuring full coverage of infrastructure providers’ needs.

To communicate through HF radio, users must have a power source, an antenna and a transceiver. Such a setup can be established at a permanent base station, contained within a portable unit like the 2090 HF manpack transceiver or as part of a mobile vehicle-mounted system.

Why HF radio?

Whether used for primary or emergency communication, HF radio systems offer a number of benefits over alternative options.

Unlike other emergency communications systems, such as costly satellite phones, HF radio is free to air. Once organisations make the initial investment in necessary equipment, there are no other costs required. Products from Barrett Communications are built with durability in mind, there is a reduced need for maintenance and upkeep as well.

Barrett Communications’ HF radio products are designed for ease of use, with a number of features to allow individuals to operate the system without the need for extensive training. Watch this video to see how easily HF radio setups can be installed.

HF radio systems can be protected with a number of security features to ensure that unauthorised parties do not gain access to sensitive information. Barrett Communications’ HF radios can also work with third-party security equipment for greater interoperability.

To learn more about how HF radio is an excellent choice for infrastructure companies, contact Barrett Communications today.


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