4017 Automatic tuning horizontal dipole

The Barrett 4017 Automatic tuning horizontal dipole is designed for base station applications where space is at a premium but high performance is still required. Mounting on a standard 50 mm pole the Barrett Automatic tuning horizontal dipole can be mounted as close as 6 metres from the ground making it extremely easy to install. With a packed length of only 2.1 metres the antenna can be easily transported by air. The tuner has a memory system that stores tuning information for each channel after an initial tune sequence with unlimited capacity.

Radiation pattern


2 MHz to 30 MHz frequency coverage

Efficient – tuned on each frequency and unlimited memory channels

Frequency Hopping compatible

Fully backwards compatible 2nd generation (2G) ALE based on MIL-STD-188-141B (JITC certified) and FED-STD-1045 is available. For superior fast link setup (FLSU), robust packet data and greater penetration on noisy channels, 3rd generation (3G) ALE based on STANAG 4538 is optionally available.