Radio operation & systems training courses

We believe that system planning and efficient operation of any two way radio system is the key to the user or organisation receiving full benefit from their investment and we reinforce this belief with a range of training packages designed to support our systems around the globe.

Barrett offers training courses in radio system operation, planning and maintenance. Customised and specific training can also be designed to accommodate the user’s needs and other HF related technologies.

Details of standard courses and sample syllabuses are available on request.

Courses are principally conducted in Barrett's custom designed training facility in Perth, Western Australia, and "field" courses can also be accommodated in a location convenient for your operation or mission.

We assess and agree your training objectives with you.

Courses are individually structured to ensure maximum benefit..

Operator and technical or planning courses require varying degrees of basic understanding. We will set out basic requirements dependent on the training required.

Subjects covered on Barrett courses include but are not limited to:

- introduction to HF radio
- propagation theory
- antennas and modulation
- operator procedure and discipline
- operation of various sized networks
- implementation and management
- station set up, connections, power supplies and accessories
- programming and configuration
- practical tests
- specialised training on radio email networks, ALE, selective calling (benefits, set up and protocols)
- telephone interconnects, asset and vehicle tracking via mobile and manpack operation,
- secure voice and data networks, etc.