The Barrett 4022 Power Supply with built-in charger is designed to provide regulated power to one 4050 Transceiver and one accessory. The 4022 also has provision for a battery backup system in case of mains power failure. The battery backup incorporates a true automatic no-break change over circuit with a battery charging system, which restricts the output to the maximum 13.8 V of the battery.

The Barrett 4022 is a low noise switch mode power supply which delivers 24 V at 18 amps continuously. It supports a mains input supply that can vary from 85 V AC to 264 V AC This combined with the ability of the power supply to operate with a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) backup battery, makes the 4022 ideal for use in areas where mains voltages vary dramatically and occasionally fail altogether.



The power supply is provided with an internal fan allowing operation at a 100% duty cycle for data applications.

The 4022 power supply is supplied with four IEC cord sets that will suit most mains power outlets used throughout the world.

The 4022 is rack mountable in standard Barrett 2U rack mount kits

The 4022 has a battery standby system comprising a charging circuit with a true automatic no-break changeover, in case of mains power supply failure.

The 4022 has a built in 5.0A Battery charger