2024 Defence and Aerospace Event Preview

2024 Defence and Aerospace Event Preview

Explore 2024’s key defence & aerospace events: FIDAE, DSA, & Eurosatory. See Barrett’s latest tactical comms tech. Stay ahead in innovation.

The upcoming year is packed with events that will spotlight the future of defence and aerospace technology. Among these, three key exhibitions stand out: FIDAE in Santiago, DSA in Kuala Lumpur and Eurosatory in Paris.

These gatherings are crucial for professionals who seek to explore new technologies, expand their network and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving defence and aerospace sectors.

FIDAE 2024: The Hub of Aerospace Innovation

Set for April in Santiago, Chile, FIDAE (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) is the cornerstone event for aviation and space enthusiasts in Latin America. It’s an extensive expo that draws in a global audience keen on discovering the latest advancements in air and space technologies. Whether you’re interested in commercial aviation, defence or space exploration, FIDAE is the place to be for insights into the future of aerospace.

DSA 2024: Asia’s Defence Technology Showcase

In May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will host the Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition, a premier event in the Asia-Pacific defence calendar. DSA covers the spectrum of modern military technology, offering a deep dive into ground, air and naval defence solutions. It’s a pivotal platform for international defence professionals to explore strategic partnerships, understand the nuances of regional security and examine new technological breakthroughs designed to meet contemporary challenges.

Eurosatory 2024: Leading the Global Defence Conversation

June in Paris, France, marks the time for Eurosatory, the leading international exhibition focused on land and air-land defence and security. This event showcases the latest in military strategy, equipment and innovation, providing attendees with insights into future defence trends, operational demonstrations and opportunities for high-level strategic discussions. Eurosatory is indispensable for those looking to navigate global security and defence dynamics.

Spotlight on Barrett Communications

At each of these events, Barrett Communications will showcase its latest offerings in tactical and commercial communication solutions. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore products such as the 4050 HF SDR Transceiver, known for its versatility and cutting-edge software-defined radio technology; the PRC-4090 HF Tactical Transceiver, offering robust and reliable field communications; the 4075 High Power HF Linear Amplifier, designed for maximum efficiency and durability; and the PRC-4080 VHF Handheld Transceiver, embodying compactness and advanced features for tactical operations.

Barrett’s lineup is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern defence and security operations, emphasising reliability, security and ease of use. These products are engineered to provide superior performance in the most demanding environments, from high-power transmission systems to portable tactical radios. Whether for long-range strategic communications or frontline tactical operations, Barrett’s innovations offer solutions that enhance connectivity and operational effectiveness.

As the defence and aerospace sectors evolve, staying informed and connected through these key events is more important than ever. FIDAE, DSA and Eurosatory offer a peek into the future of technology and provide a platform for professionals to come together, share knowledge and forge the path forward.

With companies like Barrett Communications leading innovation, these events will offer valuable insights and opportunities for all attendees.


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