How Barrett technical support helps our customers

How Barrett technical support helps our customers

No matter where customers are, we offer a range of support services and training courses as well as personal MS Teams meetings to give them the assistance they need. Sometimes, issues can occur when owning and operating HF radio equipment. If technical issues arise, they can be especially challenging to customers in environments where it’s difficult to access technical support. Quality technical support is at the heart of everything we do at Barrett Communications.

Technical support across the world

We have staff based not only in our Perth, Australia headquarters, but also the U.K., Chile and the U.S., and our representative network spans the globe. That means no matter where a customer is located, they can always trust they’ll have access to a Barrett support representative who is able and willing to offer assistance. Our online technical support portal makes it easier for customers to file and track their queries.
When submitting a new ticket, customers will be asked to provide as much detail about their request as possible. Customers can also use the portal to update existing tickets if critical information about their request has changed.
In addition, our database gives customers visibility over their current and past support requests. Customers can use this information to track their requests and get a sense for estimated time to completion. They can also access archival information about past requests whenever they need to examine support history, which includes detailed responses from support representatives.

Barrett online technical support portal

Convenient training courses

We believe that good technical support includes empowering customers with the knowledge they need to build resilient and effective radio systems and resolve challenges on their own. We offer a number of training courses to help customers learn some of the critical support information about all our systems around the world, including radio system operation, planning and maintenance. Importantly, our courses are customised to perfectly fit the customer’s needs and circumstances.
Most of our courses are hosted in Barrett’s purpose-built training facility in Perth, but we also offer field courses that can be utilised in any location.

Worldwide technical support from the experts

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; the technical support staff at Barrett Communications has you covered.
We have been among the world’s leading radio system suppliers for more than four decades. Our customers trust us to provide reliable, cost-effective and customisable solutions for their unique circumstances. When customers partner with Barrett, the relationship doesn’t end at the point of sale. Our technical support teams are based around the world and are ready to provide assistance to customers wherever they are.
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