Delivering secure reliable communications for the remote workforce

Delivering secure reliable communications for the remote workforce

Barrett Communications recently deployed multiple High Frequency (HF) radio communications solutions for the West Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), specifically the Geological Survey and Resources Division within DMIRS.

DMIRS operates across Western Australia, covering a land mass of 2.646 million km2.  This Barrett system provides the department with reliable, secure communications no matter where their teams are in Western Australia.  The system includes base station and mobile vehicle stations to ensure that all personnel can always communicate, no matter their location.

With Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) installed in the transceivers an operator, with basic training, can confidently make calls to the pre-established office locations and communicate updates or – in the event of an emergency – seek assistance.  Martin Johnson, Barrett Communications Director of Business Development commented “this system will ensure the DMIRS staff are always in contact with their team in Perth, which is very important as it may be days of travel time, between towns or mining camps.”

The installation incorporated the Barrett 4050 Control Handset with inbuilt GPS, microphone and speaker. The Control handset, with an additional external speaker, is mounted on the dashboard for easy access, whist the transceiver is concealed in the rear of the vehicle.  The control handset is a direct reflection of the front screen on the 4050 transceiver and can be operated independently but still retaining all functionality.

The Barrett 2060 Telephone interconnect was also installed at base stations, allowing the HF network to link into the national telephone grid, to make calls across Australia or around the world, if needed. These base stations can be accessed remotely using the Barrett 4000 Series Remote Control app, from anywhere in the network.

The Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) focuses on regional field mapping, acquiring regional geophysical surveys, detailed basin and energy studies, and targeted mineral resources projects. Communication during the transportation of core samples from mine sites across the state to two-purpose built core-libraries was a key requirement for this project. The libraries in Perth and Kalgoorlie store and archive drillcore from across Western Australia to assist with future exploration and research. Companies are required to submit drillcore as part of legislative requirements. The vehicles that deliver the drillcore – as well as base stations communicating with them – were outfitted with Barrett 4050 HF SDR Transceiver solutions.


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