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4050 D HF SDR – Outback Traveller Pack

The Barrett 4050 D HF SDR is the latest transceiver release from Barrett Communications. Manufactured in Bibra Lake, Western Australia, the 4050 D is the domestic version of the 4050 and is designed to incorporate all of the features required for outback travel.

The outback traveller pack comes complete with 4050 D transceiver, Wi-Fi adaptor, mobile pack and 2019 automatic tuning mobile antenna with internal GPS receiver.

The radio has an intuitive and user friendly touch screen interface. The Wi-Fi capability in the radio also allows control of the radio via iOS, Android and Windows devices.
Offering 200 channels and 300 contacts the 4050 D is supplied pre-programmed with frequencies to meet Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) requirements.

Other features include Telcall, which allows telephone access utilising direct dial telephone services offered by radio networks. Pagecall, which is a short text message capability, emergency selcall, digital signal processing, internal address books and GPS interface software, all of which are standard in the Outback Traveller Pack.

The Barrett Outback Traveller Pack is fully compatible with and can utilise the services offered by all major HF radio networks in Australia

These packages are available through Barrett’s Australian network of sales and service agents.