VHF General options

Canvas backpack - Multicam - P/N 2080-01-12

Canvas Backpack to suit the PRC-2080+ VHF Tactical Handheld Package or VHF 5 W Tactical Transceiver with standard battery. The lightweight backpack design is suited to back mounting the transceiver (transceiver not included), mounting either a short or long antenna.

Note:- Also available in Olive green colour P/N 2080-01-05

Webbing pouch - Multicam - P/N 2080-01-13

Webbing pouch to suit PRC-2080+ 5 W Tactical handheld. Colour – Multicam

Note:- Also available in Olive green colour P/N 2080-01-14. Transceiver not included.

Framed backpack - Multicam - P/N 2081-00-02

Framed back pack to suit PRC-2081+.

Note:- Also available in Olive green colour P/N 2081-00-01

Backpack for PRC-2081+ - Multicam - P/N 2081-00-03

The full pack provides for the PRC-2081+ and various accessories including field deployable broadband antenna and spare battery pack. The side packs can be detached from pack to make the pack more compact.

Tactical handset with keypad - P/N 2080-01-11

Tactical handset with waterproof MIL-SPEC connector, speaker, microphone, Press-To-Talk (PTT) button and backlit control keypad for use with advanced software features such as Selcall, Groupcall, key entry and front panel programming.

Lightweight tactical headset (under helmet) - P/N 2080-01-04

Lightweight Tactical Headset, suited to under helmet mounting, with MIL-SPEC connector, speaker, microphone on a gooseneck and clip on Press-To-Talk (PTT) button.

Tactical installation kit - P/N 2082-05-01

– Large selection of screws to accommodate most installations
– Cable ties
– Rubber amalgamation tape
– Power cable lugs
– Manual circuit breaker
– Braided earth lead with lugs

VHF Lightning arrestor kit - P/N 2080-05-01

– 1 x Surge arrestor with ‘N’ type (female) connectors
– 1 x 5 metres length of RG58 Coaxial cable with ‘N’ type (male)
– 1 x Steel dolly
– 1 x 3 m earth braid
– 1 x Brass cable clamp assembly
– 1 x Copper plated steel earth rod

Rugged external mount speaker - P/N 2082-01-33

External mount speaker for the PRC-2081+ 50 W VHF transceiver when used in a mobile, or the PRC-2084+ as a base or within a rebroadcast system.

Note:- Cable part number 2082-10-32 is required to connect the speaker.

VHF Speaker mounting bracket - P/N 2082-01-34

Speaker bracket for mounting the rugged external speaker to the vehicle docking station.

Speaker cable - P/N 2082-10-32

Cable to connect the rugged external mount speaker to the PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF amplifier when used in a mobile, or the PRC-2084+ as a base or within a rebroadcast system.

Vehicle docking station to power supply cable - P/N 2089-06-06

Cable to connect vehicle docking station to AC power supply.

VHF Handset mounting bracket - P/N 2082-01-32

Bracket to mount handset to the PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF Transceiver when use in a mobile, as a base or within a rebroadcast system.

Vehicle docking station - P/N 2087-00-01

Vehicle docking station to connect PRC-2080+ VHF Transceiver to vehicle/ base amplifier or direct to external VHF antenna. Provides DC supply, Audio/ RS-232 and RF connectors.

Note:- Any required cables to be ordered separately.

50 W VHF Amplifier - P/N 2087-00-02

30 – 88 MHz, provides 50 W power output for PRC-2080+ docked in vehicle docking station.

Note:- Any required cables to be ordered separately.

Mass matched vibration mounting platform for Land application - P/N 2082-00-08

For mounting a Vehicle Docking Station into an armoured or other shock-heavy vehicle.

Note:- Includes transition plate.

Coaxial cable 0.1 metres - P/N 2087-00-05

Coaxial cable 5 W to 25 W docking station or 50 W VHF amplifier.

Coaxial cable 0.4 metres - P/N SA-20832

Coaxial cable BNC to BNC 0.4 metres vehicle docking station to 50 W VHF amplifier for PRC-2083 50 W VHF Tactical re-broadcast system.

Control cable 0.3 metres - P/N 2082-00-03

Interconnecting control cable 0.3 metres between 50 W VHF amplifier and vehicle docking station.

DC Power cable - P/N 2090-03-06

DC Power cable to suit 50 W amplifier.

Transportation casing - P/N 2083-00-03

High impact polyester transportation casing with 8 RU shock mounted rack.


PRC-2080+ 5 W VHF Hand Portable package
PRC-2081+ 25 W VHF Manpack package
PRC-2082+ 50 W VHF Mobile package
PRC-2084+ 50 W VHF Base package
PRC-2083+ 50 W VHF Re-broadcast System