Using HF radio to call worldwide

Using HF radio to call worldwide

The Barrett 2060 Interconnect and 4050 transceiver

High-frequency radio allows you to do more than just communicate with other radio sets. With innovative technology like the 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect, users can connect with any registered telephone number around the world. The capability is perfect for emergency calls and is essential to any humanitarian mission.

Independent, but still connected

With the 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect, your radio network station can become a part of the international telephone network. Let’s say you’re on the ground and trying to get a message out from your vehicle. You would be able to use your 4050 HF SDR transceiver and 2019 automatic tuning antenna to contact your base station. There, your “Telecall” message would be received with another transceiver and, using the telephone interconnect, put through to the International Telephone Network. Through this system, workers in some of the planet’s most remote places can reach out and make the calls they need. While its communication capabilities are far-ranging, the device still keeps your radio network fully independent.

The 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect isn’t just practical — it’s also easy to use. Extra features include:

• Emergency call capabilities: One of the main advantages of the international telephone network connection is the ability to place and receive emergency calls. Each device features 98 pre-programmed telephone numbers that can be accessed by HF manpacks. If an incoming emergency call is picked up while scanning, it will be enunciated both audibly and visually on your transceiver.

• DSP noise reduction: A call won’t be helpful if it’s not audible. Our digital signal processor noise reduction system helps ensure clear reception, no matter where you are.

• Learn function for non-standard call progress tones: Not all standard telephone progress tones are available in every country. Your 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect can learn non-standard tones to make future communication easier.

You already know that effective communication is at the heart of any successful humanitarian mission. In remote areas or disaster zones, being able to access phone lines in areas where typical infrastructure is unavailable may be mission-critical. Whether you need to call in for additional personnel or specialised emergency assistance, the 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect makes it possible.

The 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect allows you to make emergency calls even when infrastructure is down.The 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect allows you to make emergency calls even when infrastructure is down.

The Barrett 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect

The tactical equipment of tomorrow

When lives are at stake, every minute counts. You and your team need communication equipment that’s dependable and far-reaching with crystal-clear audio. From humanitarian workers on the ground to decision-makers further afield, products like 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect and other tools from Barrett Communications can help you make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Since 1976, Barrett Communications has been one of the world’s leaders in HF and VHF radio systems, earning a reputation for reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions. All of our products are backed by ISO 9001:1008 quality assurance certification. With offices on three continents and a clientele that spans the globe, our team can help you no matter where you are or how big or small the mission is.


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