Barrett Communications welcomes the Minister for Defence Industry

Minister Melissa Price, Minister for Defence Industry

Perth, Western Australia – Thursday 23rd July 2020 – Barrett Communications was pleased to welcome Minister Melissa Price, Minister for Defence Industry to the company’s head office. Barrett Communications are a privately owned West Australian based designer and manufacturer of High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) radio communications equipment to defence, critical infrastructure, emergency and disaster management and humanitarian markets globally.

Minister Price was specifically interested in the fact that Barrett Communications have been designing and manufacturing from Bibra Lake for over 40 years.

Barrett Communications Chief Operating Officer, Mrs Khes Ludher states “The Australian Government is focusing on sovereign capability to the Australian Defence Industry and we are excited to showcase our homegrown capability. We currently hold contracts with the ADF but with the Government’s focus on sovereign innovation and manufacturing for defence, we are aiming to be part of the unique requirement within the HF and VHF communications market.”

Following a tour on the production floor, Minister Price was shown the latest development from Barrett Communications, the PRC-4090 Tactical HF SDR. The PRC-4090 is a lightweight military grade HF transceiver. The PRC-4090 is a multi-configured system offering manpack, mobile and base station configurations with selectable power outputs of 10, 30, 125 and 150 Watts.


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