Barrett 2075 High Power HF Transmitter End of Sale Statement

Barrett 2075 High Power HF Transmitter – End of Sale Statement

February 2018

Barrett Communications is announcing the end of sale of the Barrett 2075 High Power HF Transmitter with the following rationale and way forward.

In 2018, Barrett launched the upgraded 4075 High Power HF Transmitter, which due to the additional features, superseded the 2075 High Power HF Transmitter.

Effective immediately, manufacturing will cease and no further orders can be accepted for the Barrett 2075 High Power HF Transmitter.

Customers interested in the Barrett High Power HF Transmitter are recommended to speak with their Business Development Managers about the 4075 High Power HF Transmitter.

Discontinued Product Part Number:
• Barrett 2075 linear amplifier (Part #: SA-00050)
• Barrett 2075 linear power supply (Part #: SA-00051)

Available VHF Product Part Numbers
Barrett 4075 500w linear amplifier (Part #: BC407500)
Barrett 4075 1000w linear amplifier (Part #: BC407501)
Barrett 4075 power supply (Part #: BC407502)

Barrett Communications will continue to provide spares, service and technical support for the 2075 High Power HF Transmitter in accordance with our warrant statement and ISO accreditation.

No further feature development will be made to the 2075 High Power HF Transmitter.

For more information, please contact your Business Development Manager.


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